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At Imperitiv we excel at helping small and medium sized companies like yours rise above the less exciting tasks involved with running a business. By making minor adjustments to the way you work, we can help you save time to focus on what matters most. A lot has changed over the past 20 years, making it hard to keep up with all the ways advances in cloud technology impact businesses like yours. As a result of moving to the cloud, 94% of small businesses report security benefits1 and over 80% of companies reduced costs as a result of utilizing cloud technology2. However you view the role of cloud technology in your business today, we can help you get what you need out of it. Contact our Denver Microsoft Office 365 support providers today to learn more!

When you purchase your Office 365 subscriptions with Imperitiv, there are the benefits you get:

  • Tailored subscriptions - You’re not like a big corporation that hands systems down from day one, instead you figure things out and build them up as you go. At Imperitiv, we have a lot of experience working with businesses like yours. We’ve developed special services that accentuate what already works well for you. As a first step, we like to get what’s not working out of your way.
  • Microsoft Office 365 Support from our Denver-based staff – Our staff has experience supporting large enterprise customers, let us bring that level of support to your small or mid-sized business. All our support staff are US based and use Office 365 to do their daily work. We operate 100% in the cloud and can provide the support you need
  • Simplify IT management - Eliminate hardware management and other admin tasks so you can redeploy your most valuable IT resources to higher value activities than managing computing. Your environment is always up to date, while fine-grained management tools let you maintain control. You can also take advantage of Microsoft’s ability to support a hybrid cloud/on-premises environment, which helps you move to the cloud faster.
  • Security - The money and manpower Microsoft invests in its cloud infrastructure cannot be matched by small or medium sized businesses. They can harness Microsoft's investments for their own benefit through the cloud and build a more secure environment, one that is always up to date and able to thwart the latest global cyberthreats without limiting employee productivity. The cloud’s built-in compliance capabilities make it easier to meet GDPR and other regulations’ requirements.
  • Collaboration - Provides solutions that can enhance teamwork, unlock innovation, and drive culture change, wherever your employees work.
  • Productivity - Teams work better together when they can access, edit, and share documents anytime, from anywhere. Cloud-based workflow and file sharing apps help them make updates in real time. Moving to the cloud spurs innovation with teams working together effectively.

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