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Client testimonials for Imperitiv Solutions

Knowledgeable and highly responsive customer service

For us, price is important but not the only driving factor. For 20 years we ran our own datacenter. Hardware replacement costs and systems management can be a huge cost drain for a small company. Also, security management and mitigation costs have grown dramatically in the past 5 years. By moving our team to Office 365 and our IT systems into the Azure cloud we have expanded our ability to collaborate and raised our productivity. Azure has helped contain our IT costs and eliminated the need for costly hardware while allowing us the option to “turn-up” our hardware capabilities as needed.

All that aside, what really continues to keep us engaged with Imperitiv is the knowledgeable, highly responsive customer service. Imperitiv has been there whenever we have questions. After-hours, weekends, holidays, we can always get guidance. Let’s face it Microsoft’s services can be complex to deploy and administer but the Imperitiv team has always been available to help us figure it out or simply do the tasks when we don’t otherwise have the time or desire to get our hands dirty.

Scott S. - Washington

Trusted advisor

I have been in business since 1984 and have grown with computers and technology; that is a moving target every day. I consider myself an above average user and have experienced the same issues other companies are facing. I spent more time chasing away young inexperienced people who say that they know IT. Since I have used Imperitiv as my advisor I must admit I spend very little time concerning myself with my IT system. Imperitiv techs are no nonsense kind of people who know what they are doing. Common sense and knowledge will get you where you need to go and provide the results you are looking for. Imperitiv has earned a trusted relationship with me and I will continue to place my trust with them.

Mike B. - Lakewood, CO

Professionalism, commitment and responsiveness always

I’ve been working with Imperitiv for the last few years on both of my businesses—a new online platform and a consulting firm. I’ve been very impressed with the team’s professionalism, commitment, and responsiveness. It’s great to have a single point of contact that knows what we’re up to and what we need—that kind of service level may cost a little more, but it’s well worth it. There’s a real peace of mind in knowing that someone is keeping an eye on things and that we have plans in place should we have any problems.

Michael M. - Washington

Tell them what you need, they'll get it done

We are a small company with very specific needs, but a small staff. It was hard for us to find a service that worked for us. We had tried other options in the past, which never really worked out. Working with Imperitiv has been fantastic, we explained exactly what we needed for our business and they got us up and running quickly. A very smooth transition.

Jennifer D. - New York

Consolidated and dedicated support

Our previous IT company had a flat rate that seemed reasonable, until we needed assistance. When they were able to schedule us in, we were charged in hourly increments for the technician’s time, and since we had a different technician nearly every time, we had to pay to get the person up to speed on our system before he or she could be of help. The IT company we had hired had separate departments to handle our server issues and email issues, so we ended up getting bounced around to different techs depending on the problem we were facing. Our email continued to be incredibly slow, and the IT company could not resolve the issue to our employees’ satisfaction. After months of struggling with the impacted productivity and employee frustration, we became fed up and called Microsoft for a solution. Microsoft found us Imperitiv. Imperitiv went above and beyond setting up our office 365 suite for a very reasonable price.

Paul H. - Washington

Technological expertise and personal integrity

People in business, myself included, tend to believe that they can do everything and that no one else can do it, especially within their business operations, as good or as securely as they themselves can. This can be true, but when you find someone like Imperitiv, who has both technological expertise and personal integrity combined with the ability to communicate in laymen’s terms . . . it’s magical! It’s been worth every single penny for us to have peace of mind regarding our data integrity and continuity, and always be able to quickly and completely recover data when we had a problem or glitch. (Yes, that happens . . . data systems aren’t infallible). We have a BUSINESS to run; and that business is not DATA.

Greg H. - Colorado

Support, above and beyond

Imperitiv has gone above and beyond when helping us troubleshoot, update, or synchronize our software. They have given us great advice on products we may need and have been very forthright in advising us to not purchase something if it was not necessary. I believe they have gone well beyond what their scope of service is when helping us with IT issues at our company. I highly recommend this company.

Blaine H. - New York

Protection that brings peace of mind

Imperitiv handles our monitoring of IT products and systems. It gives us piece of mind to know we are protected the best we can be from viruses, cyber-attacks, spam and down time. This service alone is worth the price of the program. I know a lot of companies do not give this much attention, but it is crucial to any company that handles client private information, including payment information. If they do not have this service, they should make sure they have very high limits on their cyber insurance policy.

Ramona S. - Washington

Keeping up on security so you don’t have to

Imperitiv has put into place the security measures necessary to keep my data safe and secure. I have not needed to spend valuable time researching best practices or products in this area and have been able to focus on my own clients. In the two and a half years I have been working with them, my system has never been down, I have never lost data nor have I experienced a virous or cyber-attack. I couldn’t ask for more!

Teresa G. - Oregon